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Thread - Vinymo MBT

Vinymo MBT is one of the highest quality Japanese threads on the market. It is a bonded thread which means the outer strands are bonded to an internal core strand.

It has a beautiful sheen when the light hits it and it glows with a ora of pure prestige.

This thread is perfect for hand stitching or for your sewing machine. It's non-lubricated and is incredibly durable. For optimal results a little wax can be used before stitching but is not necessary.

We find that #5 is the sweet spot for hand stitching (Used in all of the Little King Goods hand stitching products).

Thread Features:
- #5 thickness is roughly size 138 thread
- #8 thickness is roughly size 92 thread
- Internally bonded to a cord strand so it won't fray
- Beautiful sheen
- Perfect for hand stitching or sewing machines
- Made in Japan
- Comes in 100m or 1000m spools

Size (Thread Thickness):
Color: Yellow
Length (m):