Little King Supply Co.

Rugged Tan - Leather Sides


Rugged Tan is one of the most used leathers at Little King Goods for a good reason. It’s got a very unique look and feel to it. It’s a full grain chrome tanned leather that has a waxed finish which allows for incredibly gorgeous pull-up (the drastic colour shift when folded or bent). It’s Ruggedly Royal.


- Premium grade
- Full grain chrome tanned
- Pull-up effect when bent or folded
- Very clean flesh side
- Roughly 24 sqft per full side
- Roughly 12 sqft per half side

3.5-4 ounce is used for wallets, shoes, bags and smaller thinner goods.

5-6 ounce is used for satchels, covers, coasters, desk mats, journals and other thicker leather goods.

*Due to monitor/screen calibration, leathers might look different in real life.

*Leather is natural product and contains scars and/or bug bites or may slightly vary in colour from batch to batch.