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Minerva Smooth -Shoulders


Minerva is one of the most sought after leathers in the world. It is made in the world famous Baladassi Carlo tannery in Italy. The Baladassi Carlo tannery is world renowned for producing some of the world's most premium vegetable tanned leathers.

Minerva is a full grain vegetable tanned leather that has a veye smooth surface which results in a very soft and matte finish which is full of natural character and is very unique. This leather patinas well and will get better with age. It burnishes incredibly well resulting in those glass edges that everybody is chasing after.

The leather is also dyed (struck through) giving it a nice consistent color on the edges. This means you won't need to edge paint or dye your edges but rather keep the beautiful colors throughout all your edge work.

These leather hides come from the shoulders of the animal resulting in the cleanest and highest yield of usable square footage. Unlike sides, these shoulders are more likely not to have scaring or bug bites.

3-4 ounce is used for wallets, shoes, bags and smaller thinner goods.

4-5 ounce is used for satchels, covers, coasters, desk mats, journals and other thicker leather goods.

*Due to monitor/screen calibration, leathers might look different in real life.

*Leather is natural product and contains scars and/or bug bites or may slightly vary in color from batch to batch.

Color: Cognac
Leather Size: