Instead of reusing that old cereal box cardboard cutout you've been using for months, send us a file of what you'd like to have cut into acrylic. We use premium 3mm cast acrylic for our templates. It's thick enough to be durable but thin enough to make sure tracing finer lines won't be difficult.

Here's what we need from you:


NOTE: Single pieces must fit within a 11"x19" area.

1. Your files MUST be in a vector based format (.ai, .eps or .svg) and are made to 100% scale.

NOTE: Files that are .jpeg or .png will not work!

2. Make sure that if you have text in your design, make it into an object or outlines so that it is not text. It should be a shape. In Illustrator, select your text and go to OBJECT > EXPAND make sure OBJECT and FILL are checked and then hit OK.

3. Make the outlines of your pieces you want CUT in RED.
    Make the outlines of all text or lines you want SCORED in GREEN.
    Make the pieces of the design you want ETCHED in BLUE.

CUT: The pieces that are cut out.
SCOREScoring is an outside tracing of the shape or design (used for dashed lines or words). This will show up on the acrylic as a solid line.
ETCH: Etching is the when the shape or design is filled in that have a higher level of detail like a logo or image. This method is not normally used as it takes a longer time to finish which increases the final price.

4. Make sure all of the objects you want to cut are grouped together & all of the objects you want scored are grouped together & all of the objects you want etched are grouped together.

5. Send an email to with your file and any comments or notes. We will then get back to you with a quote. Once the quote has been accepted we will send you an invoice through our store. After payment, we will then process your order.

Need help with designing your patterns? Here's a video to help you get started with Adobe Illustrator.
Click here for a 7- day free trial of Adobe Illustrator.